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Thank You Cards — 12 Comments

  1. Now normally Karen I would say my garden has these beautiful hibiscus all over the place blooming their little heads off in colours as pretty as your delightful card.
    They need sun to bloom and that is in seriously short supply here right now.
    But your card is so seriously pretty I just might take your lead and make a memory card of what summer can be.

    Time to put the boots on again as we endure another deluge and another flood looms. BUT I am not moaning as thousands of people in QLD are facing a situation that is beyond anything ever recorded. Totally heartbreaking!

    Thank you for the little patch of sunshine filling my screen this morning.

  2. Oh this is beautiful! I’m so jealous I have NO new stuff yet.. must wait for SAB… bummer.
    I love the bright springy feel. I’m tired of winter now that Christmas has passed and never look forward to the freezing temps. Especially those early drives to work! Yipes. Keep the spring time coming.
    PS: Sounds like fun for you with your gal pals… nothing better than friends.

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